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Bespoke GDPR Service

Our GDPR bespoke service is aimed at more complex organisations who understand the strategic importance of GDPR. Not all organisations have the appropriate resources and experience in-house to effectively manage this process. Our consultants will work closely with your organisation to deliver a comprehensive GDPR solution.

Engaging our consultancy team minimises the operational impact on your organisation, and provides a valuable external perspective in applying GDPR to your businesses' particular needs. GDPR regulations are complex and often difficult to interpret as they relate to specific organisations, which is where our experience across multiple sectors becomes invaluable.

Initial consultation and quote
Comprehensive audit
Identify stakeholders
Develop implementation plan
Create bespoke GDPR policies and procedures
Support implementation and training
GDPR completion and sign-off
Set up ongoing due-diligence process

When it comes to GDPR, every organisation is unique.

We'd be delighted to have a conversation about your specific requirements, so please get in touch to see how we can help you, or just click to call on 01772 217800.

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