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Are Your Suppliers GDPR ready?

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

17-Nov-2017 10:22

GDPR regulations means that not only do you have to ensure you operate to GDPR requirements, you have to ensure that your suppliers are compliant at all times. GDPR requires you to only use GDPR compliant data processors. You could be liable for their errors and face enforcement action if they are not GDPR compliant! This is absolutely vital and failure to run appropriate checks and keep appropriate records you could be liable for enforcement action and fines!

So, if you use any third party company to supply your data, process your data, or have access to our data you need to ensure you have a GDPR compliant contract and that you have appropriate due diligence processes in place. This means that you have to monitor their activities, record issues, and be able to prove that you show reasonable care in how you manage that relationship.

This is an important part of your GDPR preparation!

Here at OptIndigo we are ready for GDPR. To help our customers we have created a new contract, effectively a proforma that our customers can use to help them demonstrate that they only use GDPR suppliers [us]. We have reinforced our compliance processes and record keeping in order to prove we are GDPR compliant and we have created a set of GDPR migration tools to help our customers turn their DPA data into GDPR compliant data. We are working hard for our customers.

This is a lot of work but you have to do it. Start now – GDPR will be here soon!

Good luck all.