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Basic GDPR Information For Marketers

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

26-Jun-2019 11:24

This might just be the most boring blog ever written but it might also be the most useful. The following links give you access to key GDPR resources for anyone involved in marketing.

Copy of the full GDPR articles:

Copy of DMA PECR document – very important you understand this:

Key GDPR info – start here:

Want to know if you are a Controller or processor – use these checklists:

Accountability is a key principle – what does it mean to you:

If you make marketing calls to customers you need to understand how TPS applies to B2C calls:

Marketing – can you use Legitimate Interest for B2C (Right to be informed applies, Need to conduct LI assessment):

The Right to be Informed is a fundamental right – what does this mean to you (Where you obtain data from third party you need to provide a privacy statement on first/early contact and within one month or rely on disproportionate effort, need DPIA):

Be careful if you buy data – you need to know what information you must provide if you collect data from other sources (Put this in your privacy statement):

Right to Object is another important principle – you need to understand this in particular if you buy in data (Absolute right to object to marketing, no absolute right to all processing):

Principles – just in case:

  1. Lawfulness, fairness and transparency

  2. Purpose limitation

  3. Data minimisation

  4. Accuracy

  5. Storage limitation

  6. Integrity and confidentiality

  7. Accountability

PECR applies to all electronic forms of marketing – take a look at this vital checklist to learn more:

For more info, take a look at the other blogs on the Optindigo website.

Good luck all.