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GDPR For Charities

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

25-Oct-2018 12:37

Charities represent a particularly tricky sector when considering GDPR. All the usual regulations still apply of course and now charities have to wrestle with a whole set of GDPR regulations that need to be applied.

The following is taken from the ICO website. Hope this helps!

You can find the latest ICO guidance on the new legislation in the ICO Guide to the GDPR. The ICO has also created a package of tools aimed at small and micro organisations, including charities:

Getting ready for the GDPR – a practical self-assessment tool

The ICO’s “12 steps to take now” checklist

There is no specific GDPR guidance for charities but the information and templates provided on Optindigo will certainly help. Just remember that, in many cases, the data you collect, store, and process will be sensitive data and perhaps data about children. You will need to take extra care with your Data Discovery and Privacy Statements. Your Information Security Policy and Data Retention documents are also particularly important. In fact take extra care with everything!

Carefully consider your lawful basis for processing and where you need explicit consent. Consent must always be given freely which may be difficult if you are dealing with people with reduced or variable capacity. Children also warrant special protection.

Don’t forget basic document storage and security. You may store a lot of sensitive information. Is this stored safely? Do you have effective control over who can access what data? Not forgetting cyber security! This is just as vital.

If you are starting your GDPR for you charity then do your homework. Give us a call before you start and assume that this is going to require considerable time and effort.

The team at Optindigo enjoys working with charities, so we’ll give you a discount on all packs and will always give you any help you need. This is our little thank you for your efforts. Contact us anytime.

Good luck all!