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DIY GDPR or Bespoke Solution?

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

18-Oct-2018 10:31

Here at Optindigo, we recognise that GDPR is pretty complicated, confusing and can result in a huge pile of documentation. Sometimes it can feel like an unnecessary burden on already busy companies. However, we try to make this easier with our range of document packs and free consultancy help. Whether you go for our DIY pack, a tailored pack, or complete outsource solution is very much up to you and depends on your circumstances. These packs are all designed to make your life easier and reduce the amount of time required to complete all the documents. There is a price difference, so which should you go for?

Here is a handy-dandy table to help you decide.

Number Benefit DIY Tailored Bespoke
1 Includes all document templates required Y Y Y
2 Reduces time and effort required Y Y Y
3 Lowest price option Y N N
4 Lowest effort option N N Y
5 Includes ongoing support Y Y Y
6 Includes staff training videos Y Y Y
7 Includes 1-1 consultancy help Y Y Y
8 Download available Y Y Y
9 Documents tailored to your business N Y Y
10 Free access to other optindigo blogs, downloads, documents Y Y Y

So, if you need instant GDPR compliance the tailored pack is ideal for you but if your company is complex the bespoke option will suit you best. If you have time and are willing to learn a little about GDPR then the low cost DIY option will still save you loads of time and you can always call us if you need help!

Hope this helps.

Good luck all.