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Do You Cold Call? If So, You Should Read This Now!

Tagged with gdpr, cold calling, ico, tps
by Adam Brogden
in Blog

05-Nov-2018 11:25

The ICO has just fined two companies that made outbound calls to potential customers. The number of calls made is huge but the same rules apply to all companies even if you make only a few calls.

If you plan to make cold calls to potential customers you MUST make sure you check your lists against the Telephone Preference Service – the TPS. Just in case you are not aware, this is a register of people that have indicated that they do not want to receive sales and marketing phone calls.

The ICO enforcement action was as a result of the companies involved NOT checking their bought-in lists against the TPS register. This is a basic error and is easily avoided. This error cost them huge fines and all sorts of adverse publicity.

There are many online services that allow you to check your numbers – one example is:

…we have used this service – it’s pretty simple to use and seems to be a reasonable cost. There are many other options, you should do your own research before you decide which to use.

Make sure you keep records of your checks in case you need to prove that you have taken reasonable precautions. TPS services will give you a receipt for all checks completed – this might just save your life if you need evidence!

We strongly advise that you complete TPS checks before making any calls. The general public are more aware than ever about their rights and making cold calls to people that have registered with TPS is just asking for trouble!

Good luck all…