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Do you understand your Lawful Basis?

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

05-Jun-2019 11:59

Understanding your Lawful Basis for collecting data is an absolutely fundamental part of GDPR. The regulations include specific reasons and situations under which it is reasonable to collect data. These 6 categories are defined in the regulations and it is your responsibility to ensure that you only collect, store, or process data where you have one of these lawful reasons.

The GDPR is complicated and doesn’t really help much in this area, but there are some useful tools provided by the ICO. Here is an excerpt from the ICO website, including links that we think will help you.


Lawful basis interactive tool.

We have produced a lawful basis interactive tool to give tailored guidance on which lawful basis is likely to be most appropriate for your processing activities. It will give a rating for each lawful basis based on your answers to key questions with suggested actions and links to relevant guidance.

Lawful basis resources

In addition to our guidance, we have produced a variety of other resources to help you understand and identify your lawful basis for processing personal data.


We also provide information in your pack and a complete Legitimate Interest assessment form that will help you if you decide that LI is your lawful basis. Also, you can of course call us to discuss.

Be careful here! This is a tricky area!

Good luck all.