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Does GDPR apply to you?

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

24-Jan-2019 11:22

If you are asking this question then I guess you run some sort of business. Whether you work from home, operate as a sole trader, or run a small business just selling over the internet then the answer is Yes! If you have information about people for any business or other non-household purpose. The law applies to any ‘processing of personal data’, and will catch most businesses and organisations, whatever their size.

So what is personal data? Personal data means information about a particular living individual. This might be anyone, including a customer, client, employee, partner, member, supporter, business contact, public official or member of the public. It doesn’t need to be ‘private’ information – even information which is public knowledge or is about someone’s professional life can be personal data. It doesn’t cover truly anonymous information, but if you could still identify someone from the details, or by combining it with other information, it will still count as personal data.

It only includes paper records if you plan to put them on a computer (or other digital device) or file them in an organised way.

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Good luck all.