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Don’t Buy GDPR Compliant Data

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

15-Apr-2019 11:07

Because it’s not really GDPR compliant!

There are many companies out there that will try to sell you GDPR compliant email or mobile number data and will offer you all sorts of guarantees, contracts, and warranties. These companies are usually called data brokers but might also go under the name of lead generation company, business development agency or something similar. They might offer you test data and even samples of privacy statements with your name on. Sounds good? Maybe, but this is a hugely risky thing to do.

It is impossible to be 100% confident that this data is GDPR compliant and that you have consent to market to this data. Don’t forget that GDPR applies and so does PECR. GDPR says you have to have consent to send marketing data and that you must be clear when you collect that data how it is going to be used. The key here is the word ‘collect’, how could the data broker know who the data was to be sold to? How could they know what it would be used for? They could not possibly know that you would turn up and want to buy that data. So it is impossible for them to have been transparent with the person they collected the data from.

If you buy data from a list broker then you risk huge problems. The ICO hate spam email. Spammers are easy to recognise and very easy to find.

Don’t risk it. Don’t buy third party data

Want more evidence? Take a look at the £400K fine issued to Bounty. On the face of it a friendly company supporting new mums to the ICO, nothing more than a list broker that abused the data they collected.

Any problems, questions, call us first.

Good luck all.