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Don’t Ignore Staff Training!

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

10-Oct-2018 16:43

A GDPR breach is time-consuming, stressful and a major distraction for any company, never mind the reputation damage and potential financial penalty. A breach potentially represents a huge problem for the individuals involved and can also result in significant stress and financial loss. No reputable company wants to have to report a breach to the ICO. This is a pretty horrific process and should be avoided at a costs.

So, where is the breach likely to happen? The most common cause of a data breach is email, employees sending the wrong email to the wrong person. You can add to the list of most frequent breaches a whole range of simple mistakes that might just cost you a fortune. The message is clear!

Train your staff!

Make sure you staff understand how GDPR affects them. Don’t spend hours going through the 99 GDPR articles. Concentrate on what GDPR means to them in their jobs. Put GDPR in context and make sure they understand how to avoid problems. Take all the practical precautions you can and make sure all new starters are trained and GDPR refresher training happens regularly.

GDPR should be part of everything you do and should be part of your employees’ jobs. Don’t risk GDPR enforcement action and fines, train your staff. Record all your training just in case you need to discuss this with the ICO!

Good luck all.