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Email Marketing - Do Your Due-Diligence or Get Fined

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

04-Aug-2020 17:47

The ICO has released details about an investigation and enforcement action they have taken against a number of companies involved in email marketing. This is a complex case which involved a company promoting their services and a number of email list suppliers. The relationship between these companies is complicated but there was no clear contractual relationship between the various parties, and a lack of evidence of due-diligence by the company promoting their services, the aggregator, and the list providers.

The moral of the story is that due-diligence is vital. You must ensure that you have contracts with any suppliers, have completed appropriate checks before you sign such contracts, and that you have completed ongoing due-diligence. You must be able to produce an audit train of the contracts / checks / due-diligence if asked and demonstrate that you have taken all reasonable steps to protect the rights of the data subjects involved.

This case resulted in a huge fine. You can see the details here here.

If any of this sounds like you then give us a call to discuss. Due-diligence is not complicated you just need to make sure you do it.

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Good luck all.