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Do you need a local GDPR Representative?

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

17-Jan-2020 07:02


If you are based in the UK and trade in the EU but do not have a branch, office or other establishment in any other EU or EEA state the EU GDPR requires that you must appoint a representative within the EEA. This representative will need to be set up in an EU or EEA state where some of the individuals whose personal data you are processing in this way are located. This means you need to nominate an EU based company to be your local representative.

You will need to identify a company based in the EU that has GDPR expertise and authorise, in writing, the representative to act on your behalf, regarding your EU GDPR compliance, and to deal with any supervisory authorities or data subjects in this respect. You need to document the terms of your relationship to ensure that the company is able to respond to any GDPR related issue and ensure you meet your obligations.

For more information and help to setup your local representative take a look at:GDPR EU REP

You need to have a written agreement and certain processes in place to prove that you can respond to any request from a local regulator or data subject. This sounds like a lot of work but this is not optional. Failure to comply could result in a huge fine.

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