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EU Representatives: What you need to know

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

14-Jan-2021 13:23

Many individuals are unsure of what an EU Representative is, or what their role will be. Here is a helpful guide.

If you do not have a base inside the EEA, the EU GDPR requires you to appoint a representative in the EEA. This representative needs to be set up where the personal data you are processing in this way is located. They will act as a local contact between you and the person’s data you are processing.

You will need an agreement in writing that states your representative will aid your GDPR compliance and work with any authorities or data subjects. Your representative may be an individual or a company established in the EEA.

You should give details of your representative to EEA-based individuals whose personal data you are processing.

There may be certain cases where you don’t need an EU Representative, but you should still make sure that you are exempt.

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