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Appoint your EU based representative today!

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

31-Jul-2020 13:20

The ICO has confirmed that post-transition any company with customers in the EU will need to appoint an EU based Representative.

This company will act on your behalf in all data protection matters. They will be the first point of contact from your data subjects and any Regulator that may need to contact the company.

This is an important role and must be assigned to a company familiar with data protection that understands GDPR, ePrivacy, and Cyber Security.

You may be thinking: 'how do I get an EU based representative?'

The good news is that we have setup an EU based company that can provide this service to you. You can find an EU Representative plan that works for you and your buisness at our new website, where we will:

  • Act as your EU Representative.

  • Provide you with the mandatory Written Agreement.

  • Complete all appropriate due-diligence required to ensure you meet the Article 27 EU Representative requirements.

If you are an Optindigo subscriber this is a very simple process and can be completed very quickly. If you have used Optindigo to complete your GDPR documents then the process is still simple. If you have not yet completed your policies or need help with GDPR then this is the perfect time to complete your documents.

You can call us anytime to discuss. If you need help with your GDPR take a look at our low cost packs and subscriptions at: Low Cost GDPR

Good luck all.