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Do you use Facebook Custom Lists?

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

08-Nov-2018 14:07

Many companies use Facebook custom lists to target Facebook users and display adverts to them. This is a very effective way to drive traffic and can be a cost-effective way to promote a wide range of products and services.

You can also use the concept of targeting similar groups of people based on the demographics and behaviour of your custom list. This can also be very effective since Facebook tracks the behaviour and preferences of all their users. They can easily target people that may be interested in your product or service.

All good yes? Maybe not!

Under GDPR, this approach might just land you in trouble. GDPR Article 5 says that you have to process data lawfully, transparently and fairly. Article 14 defines what you need to tell data subjects when you didn’t collect the data directly.

So where does this leave you? Firstly, make sure your Privacy Statement allows you to use Facebook customer lists, and consider the use of Facebook similar audiences very carefully! Google Ads has a similar feature of course. I would guess that the same applies.

This is a tricky area so feel free to call to discuss.

Good luck all!