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Free GDPR Advice

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

13-Nov-2017 09:21

GDPR is coming fast and there is no doubt that this will affect you and your business. Here is a list of our favourite free advice options – check out item 4 if you are looking for a template Privacy Statement:

1. ICO web site – this has to be the main source of your info. Still lacks basic summaries and there are no useful templates to refer to but still essential reading.

2. IT Governance blog – lots of free info and videos here. Worth a visit:

3. NCVO Knowledge – good info here. Just watch-out, its not all free.

4. – check out the blogs and free templates. Free Privacy Statement template here.

5. eConsultancy – nice set of free info here.

There are many other sites around but most are selling advice or templates and provide little free info.

Here at OptIndigo we are always happy to discuss GDPR issues and provide as much free advice as we are able. Check out our blogs and free to use GDPR compliant data transformation tools.

Good luck all.