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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

19-Mar-2019 10:02

As part of your GDPR compliance it is most important that you train your staff and keep records of training completed. Training can be expensive and time-consuming but failure to train your staff could result in ICO fines or enforcement action. In fact a company was recently saved from ICO action because they could prove they had trained their staff.

Here at OptIndigo, we want to keep you safe! We have built a basic training website that you can use for free!! The site is at This site gives you access to a set of basic GDPR courses that you can use yourself and offer to your staff. The courses vary from basic up to pretty advanced and have been designed to teach you the basics necessary to understand how GDPR applies.

You will need to create an account but all these courses are free! There is a checkout process but all courses are listed as £0 so you will not be charged or asked for payment details. Just choose the course, add to your basket and complete the checkout process. This is not the prettiest site you have ever seen but it will give you access to the training you need for free.

Most importantly make sure you record the training you have completed and if you use for your staff then make sure your staff send you their transcript as evidence including the test results to prove the course was actually completed.

GDPR training is vital. We hope that this hopes keep you safe.

Call anytime for help.

Good luck all!