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Free GDPR Document Updates

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

10-Dec-2018 14:29

There is little doubt that GDPR is pretty complicated. One huge missing piece of the GDPR puzzle is any clue on what implementing GDPR actually means. There is virtually no guidance on how to implement a GDPR solution for any type of organisation. In fact, the onus is entirely on you to understand how to do GDPR, yet the ICO have all the power and can tell you that you are not doing it correctly and that you are in breach of the regulations.

Here at Optindigo we understand the importance of GDPR compliance and ongoing due-diligence. We go out of our way to keep you safe and to ensure that you have a rigorous GDPR solution in place. Our packs will help you complete the documentation you need and our blogs and updates will help you through the day to day operation of a GDPR compliant organisation.

In addition we will endeavour to keep all your documents up to date and to react to changes to regulations and the interpretation of these regulations. Optindigo allows us to update your templates without any input from you, as we understand that changes are required we can edit/amend your documents remotely.

This will help keep you safe and ensure your documents are always current. Watch out for email updates and feel free to call if you have any questions.

Good luck all.