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Free GDPR Documents

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

06-Dec-2018 12:47

Lots of sites offer free GDPR documents but are they any use? Unfortunately, the answer is probably not. GDPR is all about you, your customers, suppliers, and your employees. GDPR is concerned with the data you handle, how you keep it safe, and how you ensure you respect the rights of the individuals involved.

GDPR is also pretty complicated and doesn’t provide much advice on how to implement GDPR in your organisation, so you really do need to do your homework and consider how GDPR affects your operation, your data subjects, and any third parties involved. To ensure you complete your GDPR process and meet the regulations, you need to do the work!

The good news is that Optindigo can help. Our document generator wizard is pretty sophisticated and will generate tailored document packs for your company. We prefill the documents with your information and then generate the appropriate document set for you. Think of this as the most sophisticated document wizard you have ever seen!

So, free GDPR documents probably won’t help you that much and may mean you end up with an incomplete GDPR solution. You’ll still need to spend many hours completing the free documents and the result might just be worthless. A better option is to go for a bespoke, tailored, generated solution. This is a low cost, minimum effort option for most companies.

Don’t forget, if you setup a free GDPR account you can claim 1-1 consultancy time with us. No commitment, no hard sell, just free advice.

Good luck all.