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Free GDPR Privacy Statements

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

27-Nov-2017 10:29

If you don’t have GDPR legal data you risk huge ICO fines come next May. GDPR requires that you clearly state the legal basis by which you are collecting data, and also includes the need to provide a full privacy statement. It’s likely that the data you have doesn’t meet these requirements and is therefore illegal. To convert your data you need to encourage your users to re-opt in and to accept the new privacy statement and other terms.

In order to migrate your data you have a number of options:

1. Start to collect GDPR legal data now

2. Convert your existing data to GDPR standards

3. Buy / lease GDPR legal data.

Option 1 is obvious – you have to start this process now. Change your opt- in/registration page to be GDPR compliant and start collecting good data. Option 2 is not so difficult. Optindigo provides a number of migration options that will help you convert your data. Option 3 is very dangerous but worth considering. Make sure you check out the supplier and opt-in details carefully but it is feasible to buy legal data if you know what you are doing.

Here at Textgoto, we can help with any of these options. We can help you collect new, legal opt-ins or convert your old data. Our GDPR compliance process can even help you procure and use bought data.

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Good luck.