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GDPR Banning Buying And Selling Data?

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

15-Nov-2017 09:37

Many companies buy and sell data for marketing purposes – this is standard practice and there is nothing wrong with doing this under current DPA regulations. However, after next May this will be a massively risky thing to do.

The recent document from the EU GDPR committee lists buying and selling data without explicit consent/opt-in from the subject is a number 1 crime. Subject to the maximum fine under the new regulations. Where this can be proven as approved by the senior management there is even the risk that the managers will be personally liable.

This is a nightmare scenario for data brokers and marketing companies!

You need to act now – you need to start to migrate your data from DPA compliant opt-ins and privacy statements to GDPR compliant opt-ins. This is not complicated but requires some clever technology, careful planning and careful management. In our experience encouraging people to re-opt in requires patience, skillful marketing, and time.

If you need help or just want to discuss anything, feel free to get in contact.

Good luck all.