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DataShepherd Cyber Security

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by Nathan Sinclaire
in Blog

02-May-2018 14:07

Optindigo would like to introduce you to our new partners Data Shepherd they offer cutting-edge IT and Cyber Security products like:

Website Security, provided by Reblaze and DSWH

This Protects your web asset by shielding it within a Virtual Private Cloud isolating you from Internet threats. This means your web assets are no longer exposed to the broader Internet and all the threats it contains. Instead, they are now protected by a secured cloud which is fully compliant with international information security standards.

DSWH (Data Shepherd Web Hosting)

This service is just a way to host a wide range of web applications and makes it easy to manage them. It provides a graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a website. It provides capabilities for administrators, partners, and end-user website owners to control various aspects of website and server administration through a standard web browser.

Email Security provided by Mail Secure, DSMS and Dcoya Mail Secure

A cost-effective, comprehensive email filtering solution available as an appliance. Our email continuity service will enable you to provide email solutions to your clients, incorporating self-managed tools to email transportation, high standard filters on all incoming mail, unlimited mail relay and user-friendly management tools. Added benefits include encrypted email, large email, branding solutions and archiving - all using 2-factor authentication.

DSMS (Data Shepherd Mail Secure)

A SaaS solution offering cost effective email filtering hosted on our UK based platform, available with our Hosted Exchange solution or stand-alone.


Dcoya raises your employee's security awareness, by creating and executing simulated phishing campaigns, finding weak links in your organisation, and building tailored training programs that improve and reinforce your employee's behaviour. Dcoya offers advanced, real-time capabilities that empower your trained employees to detect and prevent true phishing attacks.

If your interested in getting in contact with DataShepherd then please look at the information below.

Number: 0161 711 0103