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Russell Richardson Document Management

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by Nathan Sinclaire
in Blog

02-May-2018 15:13

Optindigo would like to introduce you to our new partners Russell Richardson Secure Document Management who specialise in providing secure document shredding services.

Russell Richardson provide On-site secure shredding. A highly secure method for destroying all types of confidential information. They also provide off-site secure shredding services, an economical method of destruction and an ideal solution for bulky collections.

They also provide an SME shredding and recycling service is ideal for small businesses or home workers who want to stay compliant with data protection regulation and protect against data theft but do not generate enough confidential waste for our standard shredding services.

For a one-off payment of £99 per year, they will collect, shred, recycle and provide certification for a sack of confidential waste each month.

If you would like to get in contact with Russell Richardson then look at the information below.


Contact Number: 0800 294 6552