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Wizard Cyber Secuirty

Tagged with gdpr, ico, data, cyber, security
by Nathan Sinclaire
in Blog

02-May-2018 15:40

Optindigo would like to introduce you to our new partners Wizard Cyber they specialise in delivering cost-effective advanced cyber security solutions to SME organisations working in UK professional services markets.

Part of the Wizard Group of companies, the Wizard Cyber team has been providing security services since 1995. Established initially to deliver network security products to existing IT support customers, they quickly realised that effective cyber security requires a more holistic approach that involves the identification, detection, and removal of cyber threats. And that it also requires the continual update of preventive measures (controls) and regular testing to ensure that these measures are working correctly.

Wizard Cyber is also a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) and they are known for their flagship range of CYBERSHIELD MDR services. Functioning as your 24/7 cyber security operations centre, CYBERSHIELD MDR helps mitigate risk by continually monitoring critical IT infrastructure, endpoint and user activity. Suspicious threats are detected using advanced behavioural analytics and immediate remediation action is taken as required.

They are also a specialist Cloud Security consultancy offering a range of services that deliver solutions for access control, cloud configuration, encryption, credential management, and security logging.

If you would like to get in Contact with Wizard Cyber then look at the information below


Contact Number: 0333 311 0121