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GDPR for CCTV in vehicles

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

06-Dec-2018 11:01

Dash cams are very popular. I have one and so do all my family. So, do I need to register my dash cam under GDPR! I think I probably do. Considering the principles of GDPR, I am recording the image of other drivers, their passengers and random pedestrians as I drive along. My camera has a huge memory card so probably records for 30+ days before overwriting the old footage. Do I need to have a sign on my car?

This is more complicated than you might think. Dashcams are not the same a CCTV since they are not fixed on a particular area and are therefore not covered under the ICOs regulations. However, these cameras still record the image of individuals and as such the GDPR would apply. if the dashcam is used in a commercial vehicle or in work vehicle then the regulations do apply and a member of the public could request a copy of the footage however it is not clear that signage is required. We would suggest that if it is possible to display signs then this is advisable.

All very confusing but in summary the regulations appear to say that you do not need to register the dashcam in your personal vehicle and do not need signs however if the dashcam is in a commercial vehicle or in a works vehicle [or a personal vehicle used for work even] you still do not need need to register the camera but a member of the public could potentially issue you with a SAR and you would have to respond and that signage would be a good idea.


Let’s not talk about inward facing cameras. We’ll save that for a later post!

Useful references: - Free CCTV stickers at this link.

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Good luck all.