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GDPR Compliance Help

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

06-Aug-2019 10:45

Many companies have not yet started their GDPR compliance work or have a partially completed set of policies and procedures. This is not surprising since GDPR is so complicated and understanding how these rules apply to your company is not simple! In our experience some companies only start their GDPR when they absolutely need to. For example:

  1. They receive a complaint / SAR any don't know how to respond

  2. Have problems with a disgruntled employee and have been threatened with legal action

  3. Need to complete a Construction Line application or similar

  4. Need to complete the NHS Privacy Toolkit with over 101 questions

  5. Are asked to complete a compliance questionnaire by a prospective client

In all these cases having a complete, compliant, upto date GDPR compliance pack is absolutely vital and failure to produce these documents when required could lead to problems.

Here at Optindigo we can help. We provide complete GDPR solutions including all documents, templates, and forms you might need. We can also help you to complete the forms if you need us. Take a look at the options and feel free to call us anytime for help.

Good luck all.