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GDPR Compliant Email

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

07-Jan-2019 12:18

Email is critical to business but was never designed to be secure. We all send and receive hundreds of emails per week, many of them containing sensitive, private and important information. We use all sorts of email platforms on all sorts of devices and often store these emails forever with little regard for the content once it’s been read.

It’s not surprising that sending emails to the wrong people or sending sensitive data by email are common causes of data breaches. Sending emails to the wrong people is bad enough, but sending sensitive data to the wrong person could represent a data breach and land you in all sorts of trouble.

If you use email to send sensitive information, commercially sensitive information, or business critical information then you should consider using a secure GDPR email client.

There are a few options available offering different features and pricing options. The problem with email encryption is that they can be clunky and require recipients to sign up to 3rd party software in order to read the message. This is where Frama RMail is refreshingly unique. We have tested and recommend you email Mike at: or call him directly on: 07545292184.

We like the features and this company but there are products and other companies. Take a look at the product review whitepaper at: for more info.

Please note that we are not linked or associated with in anyway. You should carefully review your requirements and options and choose carefully.

Good luck all.