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GDPR Contracts

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

08-Jan-2018 13:36

With GDPR fast approaching I am working hard to ensure my text marketing platform is GDPR compliant and that I have appropriate contracts in place with my suppliers. GDPR requires me to have a formal contract with my Data Controller customers, however I have not yet had a single draft contract or any discussion about terms / documentation or other contractual requirements. This is a little concerning but similar to other reports of general apathy and lack of progress against the looming GDPR deadline.

However I am equally concerned about the prospect of receiving 1000 contracts to review and sign. I will either need a small army of lawyers or will have to try to review in house and risk the consequences. Both these options seem unacceptable.

My plan is to produce a template / pro-forma contract and send this to my customers – so they can return to me. I’ll include options and standard terms that I am happy with and hope that these are acceptable to the majority of my customers. Hopefully this will be seen as helping them through GDPR and one less task for them to complete and will be seen in a positive light.

I am sure that there will be many companies with more customers and significantly more contracts to worry about so I’d be interested to hear how they plan to approach this.

Good luck all.