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GDPR Data Breach Reporting

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

04-Jan-2019 09:57

Deciding whether or not you need to report a data breach is not always straightforward. GDPR states that you need to report a breach unless you are sure and can demonstrate that the data breach is not going to result in harm, loss, distress, or other damage to the data subject.

You need to think carefully about this. Some people may be distressed at the fact that you hold their data at all, or that your systems are perhaps not as bullet proof as they might be so the data subject may well be concerned about the security of their data. Loss is not just actual financial or material loss. Loss could also be distress, concern, or other emotional damage.

Take a look at this update from the ICO [link below]. This is very useful, but if you think you have had a data breach call us first. We can help talk you through the process and minimise the damage. Don’t panic, just call us!

Good luck all.

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