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GDPR Data Migration Advice!

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

22-Nov-2017 10:09

With 6 months to go you really should have started your GDPR planning. Based on ICO GDPR advice you should have made sure your management team are briefed and aware of the coming change and you should have started the analysis of your company data. Don’t forget that this includes ALL your data – employers, customers, suppliers, and anything that might include personal information. This is a huge task and you need to start now.

However, probably the most urgent task is to look at your privacy policy and how you collect your data. Come GDPR day your database may just be illegal. ICO states that data collected under the previous regulations will not be legal. You may well face huge fines if you market to anyone with old data.

There are things you can do to save your data.

1. Change your registration pages now to include a new privacy statement and start to re-collect your database

2. Migrate your old data to new GDPR compliant data using tools like Optindigo

3. Make sure all your communication encourages people to opt-in to your new privacy policy

This might take some time. Start now! Don’t risk huge GDPR fines next May. If you have any other ideas please feel to get in touch.

Good luck all.