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GDPR Document Packs

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

26-Oct-2018 10:39

GDPR is pretty complicated and completing your GDPR is going to take time and effort however, here at Optindigo, we have made the production of your GDPR documents, policies, and processes as simple as possible. Whether you are an Accountant, Builder or a Recruitment Agency, we have a GDPR ready-made pack for you.

We’ve worked with over 1000 companies in the last year and understand what GDPR means for all types of companies. Our packs have been developed from experience with companies like yours which significantly reduces the time and effort involved from you. In many cases you can simply print-out the document and review it. You don’t need to write anything.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign-up for free

  2. Select the pack that best matches your company

  3. Complete your company details

  4. Call us for a quick demo

  5. Generate your documents instantly

We will even add your logo to the documents for free, just send over an image before you get started and we’ll add it to every document. If you need help you can call us anytime.

If you need a bespoke service we can work with you to complete a full GDPR audit, document set, and staff training.

Once you’ve completed your GDPR documents you can claim your compliance badge and add this to your website. You can call us anytime if you receive a Subject Access Request or any sort of GDPR complaint.

Optindigo has been designed to help you complete your GDPR but more importantly to keep you safe.

Good luck all!