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Free GDPR Document Packs or GDPR Consultancy?

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

27-Nov-2018 16:07

When you decide to start your GDPR compliance you have lots of choices. Should you just do it yourself, read all the GDPR documents and create all the policies from scratch? Hire a consultant to do everything for you, charging you a small fortune? Or use a DIY pack and just focus on what GDPR means for you.

As a GDPR consultancy that sells packs I guess my opinion might just be a little biased! Starting from scratch and trying to complete this process yourself is definitely a bad idea. GDPR is huge, complex, and contradictory. You have almost zero chance of completing a GDPR compliance project by reading the documents. You really need some help to get you started.

Next option is whether to employ a consultant or go for a DIY option. This is probably an easy question. If you are enormously busy, making a huge profit, and have lots of staff to act for you then a consultant is a good option. The price for consultants varies enormously but expect to pay at least £750/day and engage the consultant for 10-20 days at least. If you can afford this then great! Don’t forget, GDPR is all about you, it’s all about how you collect data, process information, your IT, staff, contracts etc. If you engage a consultant you might just find yourself paying a fortune to write down the stuff you tell them. Granted a good consultant will quickly understand your business and be a GDPR expert but you will still be paying them to write down the answers you give them.

DIY using a document pack might just be a step too far for you. DIY is not quite as daunting as starting from scratch, but still requires considerable time and effort on your part. DIY using a document pack still requires you to understand how GDPR applies to you and to have many days free to complete the process. So, what to do? Start from scratch, DIY, or consultant? None of these options sound ideal.

The Optindigo approach is slightly different. It’s a combination of the DIY pack option plus consultant. In this case we help you through the process by providing document templates that have been produced specifically for your type of business, we fill in your company details and even add your logo automatically using our document generator wizard. You then simply need to read the documents, amend as necessary, and implement the policies as defined in the documents. You still have work to do but considerably less than the other pack options and at a fraction of the cost of the consultancy option.

So, DIY, GDPR packs, consultancy or the Optindigo document wizard approach? Only you can decide. Whatever you choose you can always call us for advice.

Good luck all.