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GDPR Due Diligence

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

08-Aug-2018 13:39

GDPR is not just about completing your data audit, privacy policy and document sets. GDPR is more like a fundamental change to how you collect, store, and process data! GDPR is for life not just for Christmas. You need to make sure you continue to operate in a GDPR compliant way and that you don’t just forget all the processes you have just put in place. For example:

  1. Make sure all staff are trained on how GDPR affects them and make GDPR part of the induction process for new staff.

  2. Check that any company you share data with is GDPR compliant. You need to have a contract in place and be able to demonstrate that you have conducted due diligence to confirm their credentials.

  3. Review your privacy policy regularly. Make sure this is still accurate and reflects how you process data.

  4. Review and update your policies regularly. Companies change and you need to ensure your documents are up to date.

  5. Complete a PIA if necessary when you introduce new products and services or make significant changes to your IT or underlying management processes.

  6. Manage SARs, Complaints or Data Breaches carefully. These are very serious and failure to manage accordingly is almost guaranteed to result in an ICO complaint.

Optindigo can help you. The Task Manager includes additional checklists for SAR, Breach, and Complaint management and you will already have received ‘Review’ emails reminding you to check your documents. Most importantly you can always call us for advice. Don’t be shy. Call us anytime.

Good luck all!