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GDPR Due-diligence

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

22-Apr-2019 11:21

If you have gone through our GDPR process you will have heard the words, ‘due-diligence’ and ‘evidence’ too many times. However, these are very important words and might just save your skin should you experience a breach, complaint, or SAR. Being able to demonstrate that you have completed your documents, gone through a rigorous implementation phase; considered cyber security; and checked your contracts with your suppliers is a fantastic step forward.

Being able to prove that you have kept up with these checks is the thing that will really save your bacon. Due-diligence is about ensuring you ALWAYS behave according to GDPR principles. Not that you did this one and created a nice file, but that you did this initially and kept up with all the lessons you have learnt. For example:

  1. Ensure that GDPR / Data protection is part of your management team meeting

  2. Have the appropriate person identified in the organisation with responsibility for data protection

  3. You have reviewed your documentation regularly – especially your Privacy policy

  4. Have a cyber security policy in place and a person / team responsible for ensuring implementation

  5. Completed DPIAs where required

  6. Trained all staff and remembered to train new recruits

  7. Manage your supplier relationships to ensure they abide by GDPR

  8. Responded to SARs, Breaches, Complaints as required

  9. Conducted monthly checks to ensure compliance with even the most basic requirements

  10. Completed an annual audit to double check all the above!

Your list might be very different, but this is the sort of approach you need to take. Being able to prove that you have taken GDPR seriously and have appropriate management and resources in place is vital to your long-term security. Do your due-diligence!

If you need help or advice please call anytime.

Good luck all.