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GDPR Emails

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

26-Apr-2019 11:12

Almost everyone uses email marketing. It’s quick, easy, and cost effective if managed properly. However strict rules apply under GDPR and it is vitally important that you understand the rules and follow them!

PECR and GDPR applies to all email marketing. You need to take both of these into account when you setup your campaign and add your email lists. Don’t forget that these marketing rules apply not just to emails but also to:

  • Texts

  • Picture messages

  • Video messages

  • Voicemails

  • Direct messages via social media

  • Any similar message that is stored electronically.

If you're marketing to individuals they must:

  • Have specifically consented to electronic mail from you; or

  • Be an existing customer who bought (or negotiated to buy) a similar product or service from you in the past, and you gave them a simple way to opt out both when you first collected their details and in every message you have sent.

You must:

  • Not disguise or conceal your identity

  • Provide a valid contact address so they can opt out or unsubscribe.

You may need to prove that you meet these criteria. This is actually prove that you have consent or a valid reason from every person that you have emailed. Are you 100% sure? The fines for sending emails can be eye-watering. Don’t risk it! If you are not sue then please feel free to call us - we are always happy to help.

Take a look at:

Many thanks for the ICO for this info.

Good luck all.