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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

16-Dec-2019 13:00

When I visit offices to provide GDPR training I always make the point that the individual employees are responsible and accountable for their actions and that they must make sure they understand how GDPR applies to them and their work. I try not to get too scary and try not to exaggerate the fact that they are personally accountable if they break the rules. I am not sure whether the employees believe me so I use examples from the ICO website to demonstrate. Here is the latest enforcement notice from the ICO. Take a look !

A former Officer at a large Borough Council has been prosecuted for accessing social care records without authorisation. An internal investigation by the Council found that the employee had inappropriately accessed the social care records of 7 adults and 9 children without any business need to do so.

The employee appeared before the Magistrates’ Court and admitted one offence of unlawfully obtaining personal data, in breach of s55 of the Data Protection Act 1998. She was sentenced to:

  • a fine

  • was ordered to pay costs and,

  • had to pay a victim surcharge of £45

This sort of example should help ensure your staff know the rules! For access to free training videos and slides take a look at: GDPR Courses

Good luck all.