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GDPR Fines for Staff

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

22-Jan-2019 11:24

Most Company Directors, Owners, and Managers are aware of GDPR and understand the consequences of failing to meet compliance requirements. Employees should have had their GDPR training and should understand the basics, but do they really understand that they are personally liable for breaches? I guess not.

Under GDPR employees that are responsible for a breach, especially if they act illegally, maliciously, or knowingly are likely to be subject to investigation and enforcement action including fines and possibly a criminal record. Where employees access data they are not authorised to access; post material on social media without permission; or send emails maliciously there is a significant risk that they will be subject to ICO action.

The problem is that it is also likely that the company will also suffer as a result. There is a chance that the company will be held accountable for lack of control, inadequate training, poor management etc… even if the employee acts illegally.

So, make sure your staff REALLY do understand that they may be personally liable - that their details will be published and their friends and family made aware of the actions. More importantly, make sure your management systems are in place; access control works as necessary, and staff have been trained.

Feel free to contact us if you need any advice. We provide free GDPR training videos and Cyber Security training videos to all our users.

Good luck all.