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GDPR For Charitities

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

14-Dec-2017 11:30

I personally support a number of charities and can’t help feel disappointed when I read reports of fines for manipulation of data. Collecting more personal information than offered; ranking supporters based on earnings; and sharing personal data are all clear breaches of DPA and enforcement action seems entirely justified. Fines given to charities seem to be significantly smaller than for other organisations – not sure of the justification for this but maybe this is okay.

Under GDPR the situation gets much worse for charities. GDPR allows member countries to grant variations for charities and religious institutions but given the current situation in the UK we can assume that charities will not be exempt in any way. So how are charities going to cope with this change?

Big charities – the ones that look just like big corporations will do just fine. They have the resources, funds, technology to deal with these changes [just like big corporates], small charities – those run by willing volunteers and part-timers will potentially suffer. GDPR is complex, confusing and difficult to implement. How are small charities going to have any chance?

We are offering our data management services and GDPR advice free to small charities but even so most are finding the whole process quite daunting. It would be such a shame if small, well-meaning, invaluable charities decided the risk was too high and just ceased their activities.

GDPR will affect everyone – maybe now also the vulnerable, innocent bystanders that local charities used to support.

Good luck all.