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GDPR For Small Businesses

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

04-Feb-2019 10:30

If you are a micro-company, sole-trader, or even if you just work from home, GDPR will probably still apply to you! If you collect, store or process any sort of personal data, then you need to understand the regulations and ensure you register with the ICO. Even the smallest business needs to be GDPR compliant and must keep all personal data secure. We all have laptops and mobile phones. We all use social media, email and might even receive letters in the post. If this is you then you need to think about GDPR.

The most frequent cause of a GDPR breach is email. Do you send email? Yes, of course you do.

Did you know that another set of regulations also applies? PECR (the Privacy of Electronic Communications Regulations) should be considered if you send email, sms, fax, or make phone calls. We all do this too!

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If you are not sure you can call, email, chat to us anytime to discuss how GDPR applies.

Good luck all.