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GDPR For Taxi Companies

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

16-Jul-2019 12:09

Just like other companies GDPR applies to taxi companies. This might seem over the top but it is very important that you take this seriously and ensure you think about the personal data you hold and check that your systems meet GDPR requirements. Whether you have your own database of customers or use one of the many dispatch systems, you are the data controller. You are responsible for working out how the data is processed, how long you store the data and how you delete it. Most importantly you would be accountable for any problems and also the person that had to pay any fine.

Some councils are now demanding that taxi companies are GDPR compliant and are asking for copies of documentation and policies as part of their approval process. A complete set of GDPR documentation for taxi companies could involve up to 20 separate policies!

The ICO has produced guidance for taxi companies including guidance on the use of CCTV and audio recording and even the creation of a national database of PHV drivers. This is pretty detailed information but if you are interested, Click here to take a look.

One thing you really must do is to register with the ICO, any company that processes personal data must register with the ICO as a data controller. Failure to do this can result in a fine! Check out our blog on the subject for more info.

Don’t risk fines and enforcement action. Make sure you complete your GDPR now!

Good luck all.