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Let’s Play A GDPR Game

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

13-Feb-2019 10:36

Let’s imagine that the ICO are knocking on your door! OK, not such a fun game but it is important that you are ready. So, answer these questions honestly!

  1. Is your Privacy Policy up to date?

  2. Do you have a complete set of GDPR documentation?

  3. Have your staff been trained and can you prove it? [The proof here is important]

  4. Do you have contracts in place with anyone you share data with? [The importance of proof applies here too]

  5. Can you demonstrate that you have a lawful basis for collecting, storing, processing data? This is important if you rely on Legitimate interest.

  6. Is your IT secure? This includes updates / patches, firewalls and malware checkers.

  7. Are your documents secure? Locked away in cupboards where necessary? Have you got a clear desk policy? Be honest here!

  8. Most importantly, have you registered with the ICO?

If you answer no to any of these then you need to take action. Proof is important! Excuses are unlikely to be effective.

We are here to help. Call, email or chat to us anytime.

Good luck all.