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GDPR Implementation

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

04-Sep-2019 12:03

Completing your documents is just the first step in your GDPR adventure. To get to that you will have completed many tasks including: reviewing your operational processes; looking at the data you hold; considering how long you need to store the data and looking at how your organisation protects the rights of any data subject.

Once you get to this point you might just have your complete set of GDPR documentation, your policies, procedures, and analysis documents. This is where the real work starts! You now need to make sure these policies and procedures are established across your organisation and ingrained in everything you do. This is often not that easy. We can help with this of course but there will always be work for the organisation to do. For example, you need to:

  1. Nominate someone as your Data Protection Manager - avoid the DPO title but make sure you have a nominated person to take care of all GDPR matters

  2. Train your staff

  3. Make sure you review your contracts with anyone you share data with

  4. Publish your privacy policy online and make available at all places where you might collect data

  5. Make sure you have given your Employee Privacy Policy to your staff and collected their acceptance signatures

  6. Establish your SAR / Breach / Complaint policy - make sure everyone knows how to handle a data issue

  7. Setup a review process to ensure you keep your policies up to date

We have produced a handover checklist that helps you understand what you need to do. This is free to all live users and subscribers Feel free to ask us for a copy.

Good luck all.