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GDPR Monthly Audit

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

27-Jun-2019 13:15

A key principle of GDPR is accountability. This means that ‘you’ are responsible for ensuring you meet GDPR requirements. To help prove that you have taken these responsibilities seriously you should consider completing an in-house GDPR audit. This doesn’t need to take ages or involve too much effort. A quick run around the office to make sure you are keeping up with your GDPR stuff and you might just spot something you need to fix. So, make yourself a checklist, get a cup of tea, and do a quick GDPR review. Some suggestions on what to check are:

  1. Are all your staff trained?

  2. Can you see piles of files / papers / pen drives lying around that really shouldn’t be there

  3. Have you [and your staff] got loads of personal information on your computer that needs to be removed or at least filed away somewhere safe?

  4. Ask everyone if they know what a SAR is and how to handle it?

  5. Is your GDPR documentation up to date?

  6. Are you sure your ICO registration is up to date?

  7. Take a look at your website - is your Privacy Policy ok - do you need to update it?

  8. Do you have a password on your computer - do you have separate logins to any online systems you all use?

  9. Have you had any data breaches and if so, did you record them properly

  10. Have you completed your review tasks on Optindigo to make sure your documents are up to date?

I suggest you turn this into a word document - print it out and keep it safe. Do this every month! Being able to show that you have completed a monthly audit might just save the day if you ever get an ICO investigation.

Good luck all.