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GDPR Monthly Review

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

28-Aug-2018 16:43

Here at Optindigo, we don’t want to nag you or give you any more stuff to do. One thing you might just think about, that could just save you, is to conduct a quick monthly review. This approach probably applies to smaller companies, but the principle applies to all companies.

We have a checklist we use but you might want to make your own. Here is just a simple list of the most important GDPR things to check around the office. For example:

  1. Is your clear desk policy working or can you see huge piles of documents full of personal data?

  2. Any pen drives/external hard drives that shouldn’t be there?

  3. Get your team to check their emails. Any data files that have been shared that need to be deleted?

  4. Is there a pile of paper next to the shredder? No fibbing here, you know there is.

  5. Any new starters that need training? Don’t forget our free Optindigo GDPR videos are still available.

  6. Has your team started to use their own devices again? Watch out for this, this is a common issue!

  7. Have you deleted any documents that have reached the end of their retention period?

  8. Have you got any reminders from Optindigo to review your documents?

  9. Does your team know how to send emails BCC? Don’t laugh, misdirected emails are a huge problem.

We have a checklist that we use at the end of every month. We have printed it out many times and put them in a folder just to make them easier to get at. You be surprised at how easily you can be convinced not to do this so print out a few blanks and make them easy to find.

So, sounds trivial? Don’t forget that you might just need to demonstrate that you have adopted GDPR and demonstrate due-diligence to the ICO. Having months and months of audit checklists might just save your life.

Trust me, I’ve been there!

Good luck all.