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Do I need to be compliant with GDPR?

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

24-Sep-2018 15:09

GDPR has been here for four months already and yet uptake is still poor. I have read literally dozens of privacy statements including some from major companies and can find faults in all of them [this is not an invitation to read mine and beat me up!]. However, the number of complaints to the ICO is at record levels and the news is full of stories about companies losing data and facing ICO investigations.

I am happy to say that we have worked with over 1000 companies and helped them through their GDPR journey. It’s fair to say that some of these have been reluctant, and some of them even pretty grumpy, but have accepted their responsibilities and taken this process seriously, some companies have even enjoyed the process! More importantly, they all recognised the need to do this and the value to them as a business in being able to advertise their GDPR status to their customers, or report to senior management that they had completed their GDPR work. These are wise companies and will undoubtedly be glad they have done this.

Sadly, many companies are ignoring GDPR, deciding not to bother or even gambling on the fact that they might not get caught. This is a terrible strategy and will definitely end badly. The GDPR requirement is pretty clear! Accountability is pretty clear and the consequences of failure also pretty clear. It will be impossible to argue that they didn’t know about GDPR or that they thought it didn’t apply to them, or that it wasn’t their fault. There is no excuse!

Start working to become GDPR complaint. Save yourself a world of pain!

Good luck all!