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GDPR Needs To Be Easier To Understand

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

06-Feb-2018 12:57

Over the last few weeks I’ve had countless calls from small companies with a wide range of questions – some just don’t understand GDPR at all and others are getting tied-up in knots about legitimate interest and consent. Despite studying GDPR for months now I still find myself reaching for the documentation and having to consider exactly how GDPR applies to them.

In addition, the LinkedIn threads are full of debate about every aspect of GDPR, and you take you life in your hands if you risk offering any sort of advice or opinion. Surely this means that the GDPR is too complex for mere mortals. Too time-consuming for busy SME owners that are struggling to keep their businesses afloat, and certainly too big a financial burden to expect them to hire consultants or new staff.

Consider the case of a small local charity, staffed by a group of hard-working dedicated volunteers providing an invaluable service to the local community. They have a fund raising team; a keen bunch of helps; growing client base; and a number of friendly suppliers that help them provide a helping hand to their needy customers. They have no spare money, little IT experience and certainly no legal experience. What are they supposed to do? Charities have come under the ICO spotlight and are certainly not immune from prosecution. So where does this leave the charity…. Maybe they should stop their work rather than risk the consequences of enforcement action and avoid personal risk to the committee. I have sent over documentation and offered free consultancy but this is one of thousands of charities that will be in the same position. It’s more than likely that they will just ignore GDPR at their peril!

So, to anyone out there that has a simple handy-dandy GDPR checklist; set of GDPR templates; or even a DIY GDPR guide – I say to you, ‘publish and be damned’. Don’t let the LinkedIn bullies scare you off !!

Good luck all...