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GDPR One Year On

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

03-Jun-2019 16:04

For many companies GDPR has had little effect, many companies have still not completed any sort of GDPR preparation and those that did complete their documents have probably not experienced any sort of issue or complaint. However, things are about to change! The ICO is promising to keep up the pressure on companies to comply and is shifting the focus from GDPR being a tick-box exercise to one where the companies are accountable for their actions.

Take a look at this extract from a recent ICO post.


“A key area of work for my office during 2019/20 will be to support all parts of the UK business community, from the smallest SMEs to the biggest boardrooms, to deliver what is needed. Where the law requires it, I want to see Data Protection Officers (DPOs) embedded and supported in their respective organisations by senior management.

The focus for the second year of the GDPR must be beyond baseline compliance - organisations need to shift their focus to accountability with a real evidenced understanding of the risks to individuals in the way they process data and how those risks should be mitigated. Well-supported and resourced DPOs are central to effective accountability.

Strong accountability frameworks are the backbone of formalising the move of our profession away from box ticking. They reflect that people increasingly demand to be shown how their data is being used, and how it is being looked after. “


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