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GDPR Services are just one big opportunity!

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

21-Dec-2017 09:09

Trying hard not to be disrespectful but I fear that GDPR is just too much for most SMEs and micro business to cope with. The GDPR documentation provides little guidance, no usable templates and insufficient examples to allow anyone other than IT professionals to interpret the regulations and provide guidance for businesses. LinkedIN seems to be the best place for GDPR information but much of this would be beyond the capabilities of small business owners.

So is there an opportunity here? How can we hep SMEs implement GDPR?

Seems to me that GDPR is just like VAT. VAT rules are complicated, the documentation is huge, and most people require professional help to interpret the regulations and make their submission. VAT applies to everyone; the risk of investigation and enforcement is high; and the consequences of failure dire. Using VAT as an example it occurs to me that we all need some help. For example:

1. The VAT office provide lots of practical help and advice. New companies can access tutorials, blogs, and templates provided by HMRC – maybe ICO needs to do similar.

2. Start-ups can buy ready-made company packs including all required documentation and certificates. A GDPR preparation pack might just be very popular!

3. Most companies will use online services to manage their accounts and complete returns. I haven’t spotted anything similar for GDPR – looks like a gap in the market to me.

4. Tax Consultants charge a small fortune for their services, many people on LinkedIN have adopted a GDPR title. This is definitely a growth area – there will be a huge demand for GDPR resources but how will SMEs afford consultant rates?

5. Accountants are on every corner – is GDPR Audit a new service that Accountants could offer, or are we about to see GDPR Audit offices opening up on every high street?

6. I am sure there are many more, such as insurance, training and audit support.

Looks like GDPR 2018 is just one big opportunity to me!

Good luck all.