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GDPR Privacy Statement Guidance

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

17-Oct-2019 10:56

This is probably the most frequently asked question! How should we draft our privacy information?

Before you start drafting your privacy information, you should complete an information audit. You should work out:

  • What information you hold that constitutes personal data

  • What you do with the personal data you process

  • Why you process the personal data

  • Where the personal data came from

  • Who you share the personal data with

  • How long you keep the personal data for.

Once you have an understanding of the above, you can build on this by addressing some of the more specific questions that you need to be able to answer, such as:

  • Which lawful basis do you rely on for each type of processing?

  • What are the legitimate interests for processing (if applicable)?

  • What rights do individuals have in relation to each type of processing?

  • Is there a legal or contractual obligation for individuals to provide personal data to you?

  • Do you make solely-automated decisions about people that have legal or similarly significant effects?

  • You also need to think about your audience, as this will help you keep your information clear and easy to understand.

Once you have done this you can think about starting! We can help with this - we provide a comprehensive template that includes all the mandatory content and clauses you need. Take a look at now and call us on 01772 217800 anytime for help.

Good luck all.