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Get Free Downloads
Start your GDPR today in just a few clicks

GDPR Resources For Everyone

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

21-Mar-2019 10:41

Need help with your GDPR? Looking for FREE resources? Take a look at Optindigo! Here is a list of the FREE resources you have access to:

  1. Documents and Downloads - Login and click on the TOOLS menu and FREE DOWNLOADS to access the fee documents.

  2. Blogs and Emails - Keep your eyes open for our emails and check out the BLOGS link to keep up to data with GDPR regulations and important info.

  3. Free training - Visit: for access to free GDPR training for you and your staff. Take the tests and download the free certificates and transcripts. You don't need an optindigo account to do this.

  4. Advice and guidance - We are always happy to discuss GDPR issues. Every account has access to free consultancy, just call / chat / email us anytime

  5. GDPR Tools - Check out our free to use GDPR management tools. SAR, Breach, and Complaint management tools to help keep you safe.

  6. Task Manager - Need a list of what you need to do to be complaint? Looking for help to keep track of all your documents? The Task Manager will help you do exactly this. Free to use.

These resources are free. We of course hope you buy one of our document packs for £99 but feel free to just use the freebies.

Good luck all.